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So far…

on November 1, 2013

I’ve always been the sort of person that needs a deadline, something to work towards. So on 1st November 2012 I registered for a half marathon. Luckily I already had a pair of trainers and my naivety told me this was all I needed. I’d participated in long distance events at school. This was a just a target rather than a challenge. I can now tell you that my trainers were the best part of 3 years old, PE lessons were at least 13 years ago, and although I’d been an active participant at these compulsory long distance lessons, I’d actually been a sprinter and distance running was certainly not my forte. I can also tell you that this WAS to be a challenge, but only the first of many.

Since that half marathon I’ve participated in a 10k road race, an off road (which basically means hills, dirt and puddles) series of 10k runs and an off road (see before!) marathon . I’ve been through 5 pairs of trainers, hundreds of miles of training, various injuries, recruited one phsyio, one chiropractor, one technique coach and developed an expensive running gear shopping habit.

Most recently I’m an active participant at ParkRun and have joined my local running club.
So that brings you up to date. Anything else is brand new information!


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