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Cross Country & Cake!

on November 24, 2013

Today was my 2nd cross country event for the club. I’d been warned it was hillier than the first one of the season so I spent the morning massaging and foam rollering my shredded calves and donned my compression sleeves.

Arriving at the site in my less than adequate car (runners should NOT have sports cars, they’re totally impractical and I’m starting to resent my gorgeous 2 seater on race days) I attempted to keep warm whilst more and more people arrived. We clearly had another great turnout, cue moment of pride at us all in our club tops, such a fab bunch.

This time, you’ll be both pleased and impressed to know, I remembered to warm up! A good stretch, more calf massaging, a little jog and I was ready to go. The hoards moved towards the start line and we were soon off.

The course was pretty steady and my pace was good. My calves were holding up and it wasn’t too hilly, too muddy or too cold. There were a couple of steep climbs along the way and uneven terrain, but all in all I was making my way through it well. With the competition always in the forefront of my mind I closed in on a number of female competitors and pushed passed them, legs burning.

My watch read a mile to go and I knew I had enough left in the bag to get passed the girl in front comfortably and maybe take a couple more on a sprint finish…and I did!

OK, so I’m definitely not the fastest in the team, some of the guys there are incredible, I can only hope to be running at their pace one day, but I really enjoyed myself. The run was good and team spirit was plentiful.

And now to the cake…well, I’ve never seen a group of people love cake as much as a bunch of runners!! And that includes myself!! Queuing up for tea and buffet at the end was a great chance to catch up with everyone that had finished before me and find out how everyone had got on. And the catering didn’t disappoint! Well, we had earned it hadn’t we, and it’s part of the bonding!

So, all in all, a successful day. A good run and good cake, what more could a girl ask for?!

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend too.




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