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Words of encouragement for a lazy arse

on November 26, 2013

So just to clarify from the off, the lazy arse is me, well it’s mine. It’s not that I am lazy, far from it, I’m quite proud of my stupidly early starts, 2 runs some days and ever increasing mileage. No, it’s that I actually physically have a lazy arse…glutes to be precise. This has been professionally diagnosed by a running coach and a chiropractor independently of each other. Basically I don’t use my glutes in any way, shape or form when I run. Nothing engaged in the bum area whatsoever. Consequently I overcompensate for my lazy arse by wrongly using other muscles and ending up with injuries from my ankle, up my leg, all the way to my shoulder. So, I’ve got all manner of exercises and a slight change of running form to implement…I’ll let you know how I get on. Glute-Bridge-Marching

The words of encouragement came from a number of members of my running club tonight. We were doing intervals and hill sprints and I was putting in the effort but they obviously knew I could be doing better. Flagging up one hill, the ladies team captain sprinted up behind me and shouted at me to really go for it, and I managed to keep up with her. Next, one of the quickest members of the team shouted “good on you Sarah” when I decided to go for the ‘optional’ extra sprint at the end of one stint, which consequently left my lungs burning for cold air…my calves still hadn’t caught up at this point, but they did once I got home! And then, in the final sprints home another one of the super quick guys ran up beside me and pushed me to keep up with him to the finish, then praised me on a great run. And that, my friends, is something you’ll never get from a jog round the block on your own, and why I am still banging on about how great running club is and how much it helps me!

And I managed to actually engage glutes while doing all of this nutty running tonight…so now I’m crazy arse runner gal rather than lazy arse runner gal. Work in progress!

More tales of the lazy to crazy glutes transformation to come…



5 responses to “Words of encouragement for a lazy arse

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  2. Mick says:

    Lazy arse, my arse lol, I am sure Jackie can give you some exercises for that

  3. Jackie Brealey says:

    I have some great exercises for a lazy arse….to be fair lots of people have the lazy glutes! I did a whole workshop on how to walk properly, I then spent weeks walking round the common with the dog trying to engage my glutes properly! Had some very strange looks from my fellow dog walkers!!

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