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A super week & a Grim weekend

on December 1, 2013

This week has been a pretty good one in terms of running. Most days have started with the evil call of the alarm and a chilly early morning run. I literally NEVER thought I would ever be one to get up in enough time to run before work, but now I bloody love it. Another sign I’m a ‘real’ runner I guess…or just a real nutter, which is more likely!

After my awesome club session on Tuesday I’ve been working on my glutes and it’s safe to say I’ve found them, but not in a good way. well, it’s difficult to say really. Nearly every run since attempting to ‘engage’ my glutes I’ve nearly pulled one! So they’re there, they’re doing something, but I need to work on control! More work in progress.

And in even better news, the club running (hills, intervals, and heaps of encouragement) are still doing wonders for my pace. Club run on Thursday was, as always, led by the super fit fasties of the group, but d’ya know what, I wasn’t far behind at all. I was so chuffed I was keeping a fantastic pace. I didn’t need to look at my watch to know it was a quick 6 miles this week, but looking at my splits afterwards I was really pleased to see that my average pace was another 10 seconds quicker than pre-club, and miles 3-5 were over 30 seconds better. Small steps, but it all adds up.

And no weekend would be complete without some crazy event. Yep, I’ve been up to the ‘normal’ (how this has become normal I’m still not sure!) and been dragging my lazy arse through mud and water, up the hills and under the cargo nets at the Grim 8 – an 8 mile obstacle mud fest on the army land of Aldershot. The first couple of miles were nothing but rough terrain, easier than the average cross country run (not for the Santa’s, superhero’s and men dressed as old women! But for me it was) but then came the first of the deep water obstacles. Waist deep water and mud to wade through whilst trying to remain upright, easier for some than others. With no feeling in my feet it took a while to work out I had a nice handful of gravel in each trainer. But back into the water we went! So many people tripping over themselves and going in face first, it was great, and then it was very nearly me! But I managed to keep my footing and wade out the other side. Just.

More hills in the ‘Alpine’ stretch (and a right glute that was threateneing to ping) and then the cargo nets and the type of sandy clay mud that weighs you down and turns everything yellow! My mum, uncle and cousin were amoung the supporters lining this area watching the spectacle! Their support and passing the 6 mile marker made it easier to carry on. Lots more thick mud (and I’m thinking ‘please don’t let me have lost my ankle tied timing chip in that!’) and a lot more water and I could hear the names being reeled off by the man with the loud speaker at the finish line. The last lake and straight to the finish line! What a great race!

GRIMSurvivor t-shirt and water collected, it was clear I was in for another afternoon of washing!! Oh well, it was worth it. And I bagged myself a decent time. 1:13:34 and 457th out of over 2500 entrants!

So, yet again, I am singing the praises of running club and trail events, but now also early morning running (I’m still shocked at this!) and the slow discovery of my glutes!

Now I’m off to empty the washing machine, praying that the entire contents isn’t ‘clay sand yellow’!

Ooh, which just reminded me, I won a Virgin Money hi viz vest this week for being one of the first people to start fundraising for the London marathon on their site How good is that?! I never win anything!!

Over & out!



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