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Fairweather Blogger

on December 17, 2013

I’ve not blogged in a couple of weeks, because I’m injured. Rubbish reason. So this has taught me a hard lesson about myself. Turns out I’m a Fairweather Blogger…happy to chat about my successes, PB’s, bettering pace, great events, etc etc but as soon as I plateau, get injured, have a crap week, I become a recluse. But as it’s not going away and I need to learn some bloody hard lessons about this then I’m sharing it!

So I’ve strained a calf muscle. Not the worst injury at all. Osteopath says 2 weeks off and I’ll be right as rain. You’d think over the festive period that this would be a dream dioagnosis. But not for the marathon training addict. I’m petrified that anything deviating from the plan is going to leave me right back at the beginning again. Or worse…back into a routine with the sofa and Friends repeats.

I took 3 days off…OK, 2 and a half, and felt a bit better. Did a couple of shorter runs, went back to club running, yeah it wasn’t fixed. Cos 2 and a half days isn’t 2 weeks and apparently your muscles know this even if you’ve somehow managed to talk your brain into believing it.

And tonight, at club interval training, I was in agony. On the return back to base I got talking with one of the lovely ladies who ran the London Marathon this year and she gave me some great advice.

1) Take the time off. Especially if an expert has diagnosed it.

2) Take the time to strengthen your core. Many marathon planning books, websites, YouTube, Google etc can halp with core exercises for runners.

3) Cross training. Swimming, cycling, anything that doesn’t hurt your injury. You can either get professional advice or just give these things a try and see what works for you. Helps to keep your CV levels consistent and works all the bits that are still functioning.

We also touched upon pilates and yoga, but neither of us has much experience so any advice on this is welcomed.

She reminded me that despite my greatest fears (and apparently I am definitely not alone here) I wont regress by months, I wont be starting all over again, and that actually I’m well ahead on my plan anyway having started a bit earlier. I’d love to say this was on purpose..!

And last bit of advice was ease back into it. At most, pick up where you left off. But don’t try and skip straight to where you should be in your plan. Yeah you’ll be back a week or so but in the grand scheme of marathon running, it’s nothing. And certainly beats a muscle tear or worse.

So this leaves me rearranging my training week. I’m a sucker for a schedule so I’m re-scheduling now.

As well of this, just has some advice from fellow blogger runnerjackson to get reacquainted with the foam roller. So that’s on the list too.

In other news a friend at running club saw an article about strengthening glutes and instantly thought of me and my lazy arse, so brought the article along tonight. So I now have time to incorporate that in to my schedule as well. So really I should be grateful for a bit more time to better myself from the inside out…and enjoy a few mince pies!

Ok, this has been like therapy. I now feel a whole lot better and can see the silver lining and light at the end of the tunnel already. Jeez I hope the next couple of weeks fly by and my trainers don’t forget the shape of my feet!



4 responses to “Fairweather Blogger

  1. Ahh you’re injured too! So many of us are out at the minute! Sounds like you’ve got some good advice though, I’m like you, I ploughed on through pain and have had a right hard time convincing myself to rest but I’ve realised that if I keep trying to run without letting myself heal I can kiss goodbye to the marathon and any other running for that matter. Join the rest hard crew and enjoy Christmas – perfect timing, really 😉 x

  2. Steve says:

    Good luck with your recovery Sarah, I’m sure you’ll be over it soon. As I’m also stuck in crocks corner I know just how you feel, I’m hoping I’ll be able to start running again in another week. Enjoy your Christmas. And if you’re bored on Sunday, come along and be a spectator at the XC…… Meantime, you’re the number one click in our newsletter 🙂

    • Thanks Steve, I hope you’re recovering well also. Thanks for mentioning me and plugging my blog on the newsletter. I really hope to make it to some of the runs after Christmas and I was thinking I would try and come along to cheer on Sunday if I can, so might just see you there 🙂

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