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Easy does it: Returning from injury

on December 27, 2013

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I’m sat here eating the last (well they weren’t the last, but they now are) of the 3rd box of chocolates I’ve gone through in the last 3 days….how long does the excuse “well it’s Christmas” last?!

I’ve had a fantastic festive few days with family, too much food and even a little bit of alcohol – I don’t normally drink. It has helped to take my mind off of the fact I’m not running, but knowing I should be running nearly every day and then receiving numerous running related Christmas pressies, I have been cursing my damn calf and climbing the walls to get out for a run.

So, feeling ‘fixed’ this morning, after 9 days resting (yes, it has been pointed out to me that this isn’t quite the 2 weeks I was advised – I have resolved to adhere to professional advice in 2014, promise!) I went out for the first run with my fab new Garmin Forerunner 220 (I now realise how people can fall in love with techie things) and my very very very warmed up calf muscles.Garmin

The Garmin is fantastic, can’t recommend it enough, and my calf held up well. I did actually apologise to my new watch afterwards promising that our future runs together would be much better than today. 3 miles at a massively inconsistent pace wasn’t our best introduction, but it broke the ice and gave us something to better together, and more importantly got me back out there. Being honest, I felt pretty disheartened when I got back, but after a bit of twitter encouragement, and reading my last blog post (I shouldn’t think I can just pick up where I left off) I was just pleased to be back out there.

The last few days of 2014 will be spent equally resting and doing a few easy miles to ease myself back in, training planning for the months ahead and looking at resolutions and goals for the new year. Oh, and tomorrow I’m visiting London Marathon Sweatshop store to treat myself to some new road runners, and maybe a few other bits….like kid in a sweet shop!

If you’ve got any recommendations on good road trainers for a neutral runner then please let me know!


6 responses to “Easy does it: Returning from injury

  1. runjackson says:

    Wow. Massive runner envy on two counts. This is the watch I wanted but it was not released on time so I plumped for its older brother the 210. Still an amazing product though. I think Garmin have nailed it but it’s all I know so might be bias.

    Second bit of envy is the London marathon sweatshop store. I want to go to this place as I bet it is super motivational! Have fun and all I can say I have ran in quite a few different running shoes but for me. Mizuno are the way to go. Focus on quality instead of branding.

  2. paullegard says:

    I swear by Mizuno Wave Precision trainers. Very light but last well.

  3. I really love how honest you are with both your expectations and your impatience to get running! You’ll be back to your old self in no time, but it’s good to see you are being careful. I’m envious of your Garmin! I love how you talk about it, as if you have a relationship/friendship. It will become your constant companion so that’s not far off actually! Have you given it a name? (I named my laptop, that’s why I’m asking!).

    • I’m generally such an impatient person anyway (not the best kind of driver!!) so it’s definitely the same with running & recovery progress!

      I am loving the Garmin but he (I’m not sure why he’s a he as he is purple, but the next comment might be why) is causing me frustrations as I can’t get all of his wireless functions to work correctly!! He hasn’t got a name yet but I seem to have built him a personality already!! Any suggestions are welcomed 🙂

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