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New Shoes!!!

on December 29, 2013

I wouldn’t be a self respecting female if I didn’t enjoy shopping…and even more so, a sale! In years gone by this would involve trawling through the sale rails of the high street stores looking for jeans, dresses, jumpers and heels. But yesterday was a whole new level of sale shopping – RUNNING GEAR SALE SHOPPING!!

Anyone that read my last post will know how excited I was to be planning a trip to the London Marathon store in Bishopsgate, London, and it didn’t disappoint. After finding the place (I was magnetically drawn to it from the tube station exit) I entered my own little heaven. I knew I wanted new road runners and was happily greeted by Jason who went through the wall of shoes with me and briefly explained the gait analysis and customised insole service they offered and left me in the capable hands of Steve.

Steve analysed the pressure points on my feet and explained that I was pretty normal when it came to my arch and the points of my feet touching the floor. He then took me through a series of foot movements, taking pictures of them, and showing them back to me to show how my Achilles lines up at different points of my foot strike. We made my insoles and I jumped on the treadmill to do a quick run. Steve took me through the slowed down footage of my foot strike and he concluded I had a very slight tendency to roll in, so suggested a mild support shoe with a bit of a harder compound material over the arch.

I tried the Asics GT1000, Mizuno Wave Nexus & Brooks Ravenna on the treadmill, and they all seemed very comfortable and supportive. The insoles definitely made a difference. In the end I plumped for the Brooks Ravenna 4’s. They fit well, felt good on the treadmill and I already have a pair of Brooks Cascadia for trail running, so the brand won it for them in the end.

Steve also gave me some advice on the various rollers they have in stock and I plumped for a Tiger Tail, as I’m pretty rubbish at supporting myself on a traditional foam roller, which my lovely fella bought me as an extra little Chrimbo pressie.

All in all a very enjoyable and educating experience at the London Marathon store. I’d highly recommend it if you can get there and want some great advice from people that know what they’re talking about. Steve is also marathon training and clearly knew his stuff.

Then to Nike Town….incredible! I picked up some new running tights and a couple of winter running tops for a steal. I’m not a brand whore with a lot of things, but I really do prefer the Nike running gear. Just personal preference and previous experience. Next, to Lillywhites (which is now Sport Direct…shocker) for a bargain Camelback ready for the looooooong marathon training runs at the weekends.

So all in all, a bloody fantastic trip.


And so, to actually put this kit to the test!

Today I put on my new running tights, new long sleeved top and spent 15 minutes with my Tiger Tail before grabbing my Christmas present Garmin, Christmas present headover and lacing up my new Brooks Ravenna’s with custom insoles and heading outside. Now, I can’t say whether it was the new threads, rolling my muscles, fantastic shoes or fully supportive insoles (or more likely a combination of the lot, plus the rest I’ve had) but I had a great 7 mile run, at a good (if slightly inconsistent) pace, and felt fantastic afterwards.


So I am one happy Runner Gal today…here’s hoping it lasts!

I’m off to do a bit more Tiger Tailing before gawping at my precious new trainers for a while!


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