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2014: Resolutions & Goals

on December 31, 2013

Not just because it’s customary, but because I think it’s needed and a great idea to focus yourself on becoming better at everything you do, here are my goals and resolutions for 2014. I aim to do blog update on these monthly so please feel free to keep me in check! Some will be harder than others…


– To warm up before every run, when possible & stretch out after every run when possible – I say where possible as I do a 3 miler before work a few times a week and would not be able to do this if I had to fit in a warm up and down routine around it as well. But I definitely need to do it before my evening runs, club sessions and long weekend runs.

– Attend Bikram Yoga class once weekly – a new part of my routine and something that will aid my running further.

– Use my Tiger Tail before & after every run, and intermittently on a daily basis.

– Take professional advice! If the physio says I need to rest, I must rest.

All these are majorly based on my total fear of injury! And my want to become a better runner.

And finally….

– Chill out! Those around me would tell you that I stress out at the smallest things. I want to try and keep this in check. Remember that I’m lucky to just be here and have all the lovely things I have, I don’t need to stress about it.
Chill out


– Run a sub 4 hour marathon.

– Run 2014 miles.

– Run a sub 50 minute 10k.

– End 2014 even happier & healthier than I am today.

Events so far

I’m signed up for the following events so far, but there are loads more I want to do, and will sign up for, as the year progresses.

Reading half – March 2nd
Surrey half – March 9th
Fleet half – March 16th
London marathon – April 13th
Electric Run – April 26th
Berlin marathon – September 28th

I also want to do a 24hr endurance event, more Hurt & Brutal off road events, maybe a Tough Mudder, and hopefully my first duathlon.

2014 is set to be a good one for me. Wishing you a Happy New Year full of goals, ambitions, happiness and love.


11 responses to “2014: Resolutions & Goals

  1. runjackson says: this had really got me interested! Put a team together?

  2. Which Bikram studio do you go to?!

    I’m planning on making to HBY London Bridge maybe for the candlelight class 7.30pm on Friday evenings…maybe alternate weeks or something!

    Great goals btw! and lots of exciting stuff already lined up for 2014! I’m not quite as organised! Still seeking out the right opportunities for me! But I am ready to take on 2014!

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks! I’m outside of London so I go to Bikram Yoga in Fleet, they’re a fab bunch. Candlelight class sounds amazing.

      Took me a while to come up with my goals but been thinking a while.

      Happy new year! Hope 2014 is great to you x

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