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Bikram Yoga Review

on December 31, 2013

Today I took part in my first Bikram Yoga session. Having tried various things to help support my running, and my increasingly injury prone legs, I’ve been hoping to find something to combine with my marathon training regime to keep the pesky little niggles at bay.

Both my aunt, a runner, and a chap at my running club recommended Bikram Yoga in Fleet, so I went along today to give it a go.

The website is good at preparing you for what to expect, and how to dress and prepare yourself accordingly (as little as possible and with various towels and water!) so I knew it was going to be a sweaty one.

Upon entering the yoga room, in my way too brief shorts and way too tight for the amount of Christmas nosh I’d put away vest, the heat instantly hits you. But it’s not at all unpleasant and they recommend you get there in enough time to have a stretch and get acclimatised. I was in a good beginners spot and could see the instructor and everyone to follow, as I had no idea what any of the poses were!

The session kicked off with some breathing exercises and then into the warm up stretches. With the heat ever increasing (or was it just me) the instructor was great at explaining exactly what we should be doing and when to take on water if necessary. The class moved on to the main poses and I quickly picked up the rhythm of what we were doing and it became a little more self explanatory. I found my body doing a lot of the things quite naturally, and others (like where to put my hands, or which way round) felt a bit strange to start with. But the instructor was good at correcting me in an understanding way, and it was easy to look round and see what others were doing.

The class flew by and by the end I was dripping with sweat with a heart rate close to a sprint I’m sure! I felt good, like I’d had a great workout and done my muscles and body a lot of good in the process.

A few hours on and I’m feeling achy in a good way, like I know my muscles have benefitted from the session. I’ll definitely be going back, and have made it one of my resolutions to attend once a week. With the 5 sessions daily this is more than achievable.

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, especially runners, and I’ll let you know how I progress in the new year.


4 responses to “Bikram Yoga Review

  1. I’d quite like to try bikram but I’m scared of being completely out of my depth and dying from the heat. I heard it really smells too, is that true?

    • It didn’t smell…not that I noticed anyway! I bloody ache today, I’m hoping that’s normal. Will go a few more times to see if it helps my running then build it into the plan if it’s benefitting. Give it a go if you can, see what you think.

  2. I went to a two hour yoga workshop yday where I sweated as much as I do in Bikram! Today I am majorly sore! …and did another two hour, thankfully less intense, yoga workshop!

    Glad you enjoyed Bikram! It’s not for everyone! me included, but I like to dip my toe in and out every now and again! It’s great for bringing you back down to earth when you start to feel like you are invincible! hahaha!

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