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Sockin’ ‘eck!

on January 12, 2014

After some amazing comments, online & in person, I’ve finally got round to reviewing my new Run Mummy Run compressions socks.

I’d seen the RMR compression sock and sleeve collection online and instantly knew I wanted to give them a go. Despite trying to be a bit different and having a few ‘out there’ items in my running wardrobe, it all ends up looking a bit black and muted….not these socks!

They come in a variety and colours and styles, bright, not so bright, and just plain eye watering! I went for the Nirvana style, as pictured, for many reasons. Firstly, they were the brightest I could see, they fall into the ‘eye watering’ category, secondly because I love the colours, and finally because they match the kit I’m wearing for the London Marathon, the blue & green of Alzheimer’s Society.

So, we’ve got over the fact that they look incredible, how do they perform? I took them out for their virgin voyage on a 6 miler on Thursday. I normally wear X Socks or Skins calf sleeves on undulating runs if my calves are feeling tired, so this was a good comparison. Putting them on, I could feel the support straight away. My calves were tucked in nicely and felt held together. Sometimes I can find these socks and sleeves a bit too tight, but these are comfy with a good level of support. And so off for the run…

My poor legs were feeling a little tired from the mile interval sprints at club on Tuesday (renamed by me now as Hell sprints) and now we were off for a hilly one. Without taking you through the entire run, I’m pleased to say it was a success. I was worried the final hill was going to finish of my legs, but I managed to power past some of the fasties and make it back to base with no pain at all.

The Run Mummy Run compression socks held up perfectly throughout the run and delivered the support I needed. When I returned home I kept them on for a little bit which I stretched out and make a little post run snack, and I think this helps with the recovery as well.

When I woke up the next day I had none of the usual straight legged shuffle to the bathroom, I could actually move normally…this may seem like a small stuff to you, but it’s a huge victory for me. Often when I push myself on these runs I really pay for it the next day, but not today!
more socks

I will most definitely be ordering some more, to jazz up my run-drobe and keep my calves happy!


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