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Positivity breeds positivity…

on January 26, 2014

Crumbs, I’ve not blogged in  ages…Marathon training taking over, fundraising, work, life, you know how it is! So this might be a long update….sorry in advance.

I’ve decided to take a positive view on life, it’s kind of part of my ‘Chill Out’ new years resolution, but also just the plain fact that we’re only here once, so make the most of it. Seize the opportunities, make them if needs be, and do more of the things that make you happy.

And so LOADS of very exciting things have happened to me recently.

1) I won some amazing Sauncony Guide 7 trainers courtesy of The Running Bug on twitter. They are amazing and beautiful and I love them probably a bit too much….we all know about my kit obsession!

2) I won a Team Sick Man tee on UK Run Chat! Amazing tee in a fab design that is now a staple part of my rundrobe. I’m ordering more….cue new obsession.

3) I hosted #UKRunChat along with another fellow runner. If you’ve not logged on to twitter 8-9 Sunday or Wednesday then you MUST join in. It’s an amazingly well organised community of runners just asking questions and catching up on news. You learn loads, get your questions answered and make virtual running friends in the process….I’m hooked! Hosting was mental! So many people take part and there are questions all over the place. I mean it really runs itself but you just have to try and generate some talking points, and then you get LOADS of responses! I had my phone and iPad logged on and still couldn’t keep up. My phone crashed numerous times from all the notifications. Mad fun!

4) I’ve signed up to do my Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course in March. I can’t wait! I’ve got such a passion for running now that I want to share it with others, help others (if I can) and pass things on in the most constructive way possible. I want to be running my own group soon and aim to do my Coaching (CiRF) soon afterwards. I’m very excited!

5) I attended a marathon training workshop, courtesy of Alzheimer Society & Running With Us. I’m going to do a full blog piece on everything I learnt soon, but suffice to say I am brimming with new found enthusiasm, excitement, energy and ideas.

6) From this I have a new marathon plan which has me highly motivated and ready to achieve.

7) I’ve volunteered to marshal at some running events. It came up in #UKRunChat that I’ve never done this, so I’ve signed up now and I’m excited to help and finally see these things from the other side.

8) My cousin & I have organised a fundraising events for Alzheimer’s Society, including a fab quiz, games, raffle (local businesses have been very generous) dance and band. It’s going to be great and raise loads.

9) My other half has finally discovered the joy of running! This has elated me more than anything else. He’s still relatively new to it but bloody keen and is clocking up the miles already.

All in all a flippin’ positive update. I’m feeling good, blessed and relatively injury free right now.

Hope you’re getting on just as well. Let me know how it’s going for you.



11 responses to “Positivity breeds positivity…

  1. Emmy says:

    What a great, infectious post! So you’re the person who won those running bug shoes!! They are gorgeous! And you won another goody, it has been your lucky week!

    I too am fundraising for alzheimers, but in france, it’s hard going! Cultural, fundraising is an ‘out there’ idea. We’re doing a sweepstake on our arrival times in the hope it will motivate the frenchies to donate/participate.

    I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself (sore leg, in the wrong country for races/fundraising/ sports massages (ha) so thanks for the upbeat post!

    • Thanks Emmy, your lovely comments have made me smile. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      The trainers are amazing! Only thing is I’m having to avoid puddles in them at the moment cos they’re soooo pretty!

      Sorry to hear you’re a bit injured & having a tough time. I can’t imagine training in another country. I hope morale picks up & you realise what a star you are 🙂

  2. David Peddle says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great stuff, inspiring as usual!

    • Thanks David, very nice to hear. Hope you’re feeling better and on the way to injury free??

      • David Peddle says:

        It feels like it will never get better (calf) as I ran to early and did it again, I have been spinning alot as that does not seem to affect it. Let me know next time you’re your running the flparkrun and I’ll say hello if I can ever get my leg working again!

      • Ah damn, I hate injuries. I’m not very patient at the best of times! I’m hoping to volunteer at flparkrun in the next few weeks (Saturday is my marathon training long run day so not going to be able to run it for a while sadly) so you might see me in a high viz vest soon!

  3. Loved joining in my first (and certainly not the last) UK Runchat last week ❤

  4. I love all the positivity in your post! I hope things are still going well and you’re well on your way to achieving your goals 😀 You are inspiring!

    • Ah that’s so lovely. Thank you so much. Even more amazing stuff has happened for me recently, I can’t quite believe it! I haven’t even had time to blog it! 2014 is looking good 🙂

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