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#MissionMarathon in the Algarve: Days 1 & 2

on March 17, 2014

So, here we are! The team have arrived in the Algarve. It’s hot, it’s full of althetes and I’m buzzing! It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve got the perfect Saucony kit, the most comfotable Saucony trainers and all the High 5 nutrition I need…let’s get going!

Day 1

Easy run along the trail and cliff top. To get us acclimatised to the heat and the terrain, we went for a short run along the trail from the hotel and back along the cliff top. As well as the gorgeous scenery and idyllic weather the Guide 7 trainers held up perfectly on the terrain and (obviously) looked amazing! It was the first time I’d had the opportunity to use the fantastic warm weather gear from Saucony and the shorts and vest top were perfect, and I had lots of comments on how good they looked. So, I look the part, feel the part, I’m in the right place and surrounded by the pro’s….all I have to do now is run the part!

4.61 miles

Day 2

Easy run to marina. To wake up the legs and get us properly pumped for the day, we took a track and road route to the marina. Still unsure of the terrain, I wore my trusty Guide 7 shoes, Saucony shorts and vest (when in the Algarve…!) It was a great but challenging run in the heat, you don’t realise how quickly the sun rises and heats up the whole place. But it was great and I felt comfortable and ready for the afternoon ahead..!

5.96 miles

Track 10×400. So this is a session I’ve never done before. Not been on a track since school, I do all of my interval sessions on the road. So even just being on the track made me feel like a pro. I wore the Mirage 4 trainers for their first outing and they performed fantastically. So light and comfy and (in my opinion) perfect for the track. The session was so hard but my recovery was fast and so rewarding. Later found out I was keeping up with some extremely encouraging 3:30 marathon runners (all be it in a bit of a panting state!) I felt invincible afterwards.

4.12 miles

Loving it so much so far, wait to see what’s coming up next (clue: it includes my longest long run so far, in this heat…oh, and I’m quite scared as to how it’s going to go..!)

Running love from Portugal


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