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#MissionMarathon in the Algarve: Days 3 & 4

on March 17, 2014


Day 3

Early walk on the beach. After a chat with the trainers and with the long run in mind, I had the morning off the early run. As advised, I had a nice recovery walk on the beach. My legs felt tired from the track session, and I really wanted to give the treshold running my all in the afternoon. So I donned my Saucony visor and trudged along the sand. I always forget how tough this is on the legs,  so I felt good that I’d done a decent workout too.

1.71 miles

Drills. Next, the guys from Running With Us spent an hour with us teaching us various drills to correct our posture and foot strike. All of the footage will be on the RunLouge website soon so check it out. Its really helpful for hip angle, foot strike, cadence, speed and even injury prevention.

Cross Country Thresholds. We were introduced to the undulating cross country course, hilly, sandy and not very shaded. Our instruction, 5 x 5 minutes at threshold speed,  90 second rest. Well I tell you, I’m admittedly the worst at keeping my own pace and not trying to keep up with others, so obviously I took off too fast! I was glad I was in the light fabric of the Saucony garments and that I’d worn my stable Guide 7 trainers. I was overheating and struggling for breath by the 3rd interval, but the coaches helped to talk me round the 4th one with some excellent advice, then advised I didnt try the last one! I gratefully downed an entire bottle of High 5 Zero and we headed back, knowing the next run was long run…..argh!

2.59 miles

Day 4

Long Run (dum dum duuuuuur!). For some reason, the entire camp had been anxious about the long run. It was right in the middle of the 7 days, and it sort of seemed like the peak of the week, it was the longest run for many and was going to be tough in unpracticed heat. The tension was clear. We were setting off at 7:30, too early for the buffet breakfast,  so we all got up early and tucked into oats. Armed with a map, a rough idea of the area and a pacer, we set off for the 5km loop.


We’d had time with the coaches and were all tackling it slightly differently.  I had an easy run out to the loop, 1 easy lap, 1 marathon pace (MP) lap, another easy and another MP, before an easy 4 miles home. As I’m running the marathon in them, I was in my Guide 7 trainers,  capri shorts and Saucony vest, with 6 High 5 gels and water.


The 4 miles out went to plan and I set off on the first easy 5km loop. Well I tell you, I train in a hilly area, I’ve done trail racing, but this hill at the beginning of the loop was something else.  Long, steep and winding. Oh and we got to do it 4 times! The first easy and MP laps went well and fuelling was good, the second easy lap slowed down a bit too much and I wondered how I was going to get round another MP lap, but seeing Ryan finish his 4th lap as I finished my 3rd spurred me on to push it hard,  and I did. I saw the coaches on the way round who shouted words of encouragement,  and some of the other camp members who were not running as far. I steamed back round the final lap (slightly less steam on the hills!) and carried on home. 

After a loooooong stretch I stood up to my calves in the freezing pool…perfect! My muscles ached but I felt good. Comfy, accomplished and very very warm!!

We’d done it! Completed the long run, the pinacle of the week, and lived to tell the tale!

19 miles

I sought out some Ben & Jerrys (shhhhh!) and am now having a well deserved lie down…legs raised!

Day 5 has a recovery run and a track session, on very weary legs….wish me luck!!


One response to “#MissionMarathon in the Algarve: Days 3 & 4

  1. splutterandroll says:

    Sarah, this all sounds amazing. I am SO JEALOUS! Hope you’re enjoying yourself! x

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