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#MissionMarathon in the Algarve: Days 5 & 6

on March 18, 2014

Day 5

Early recovery run in the orange groves. The recovery run after the long run was as you can imagine…slow and pretty painful! James & I ran together at a little faster than easy pace, comparing which parts of us hurt the most! The scenery is so beautiful it helps you to forget the pain. I’ve definitely decided I’ll mix up my routes a bit and maybe even drive to some more picturesque places to inspire me on easy runs.

4.5 miles

Core session. A spectacular hour on the grass woth Jenny focusing on core exercises. I’m going to do a seperate blog post all about this as it was enlightening.

Steady run. With the opportunity to do track or another steady run, I opted for the latter, as I knew we had the Falesia 5k the next morning. Another trip passed the honey farm and on to the orange groves at a steady pace with James. We managed to bust out a marathon pace mile in the middle and an easy jog back. Still feeling quite fragile, we had a laugh and started to psych each other up for the 5k in the morning.

3.4 miles

Day 6

The Falesia 5k. We all met early for buffet breakfast…it’s quite funny watching runners battle with a) eating the right thing before a race when there’s soooooo much on offer, and b) not eat too much when the supply is theoretically endless! After breakfast we walked towards the start area. We had no idea of the route, having just been informed “it’s undulating”!!

When we got there we realised they hadnt been lying. The course was a 3 lap sqaurish loop with 2 uphills, 1 downhill and a straight. Doesn’t seem very fair does it!?! I had my Mirage 4 trainers on, nice and light, and my bright Saucony vest and capri shorts. Ready to go. We were ushered towards the start and we were off.

As always in these situations, I went off too fast but managed to keep up eith a few other ladies in the group. The downhill and straight were fine and I picked up my cadence on the uphills. Some spectacular cheering from the crowds and coaches really helped. My pace dropped slightly on the next lap. The uphills took their toll on me. I was working hard and my lungs knew about it! The final lap and even my downhill was poor, but I picked it up across the straight and, knowing the coaches would be on the uphill, hit the incline strong and fast. Everyone lining the route was amazing at getting us all home, and I finished 51 seconds slower then my ParkRun PB set last year. Surprising it was exactly what I predicted, 25 minutes, and I was pretty nonplussed!

It was never gonna be a PB in that heat, with those hills, after over 50 miles in a 5 days, 3 weeks before my marathon! But it was a flippin good run.

3.05 miles

My #MissionMarathon teammates were amazing, did great runs and cheered me on. Super proud of us all. We had a nice bonding team stretch afterwards too, with a few giggles thrown in.


And that’s it for today! I feel lazy just doing 3 miles today, but got to look after these legs, they’ve got a huge amount of miles to get me round in the next few weeks and I need them to be tip top!

I’ve got a chat with my coach later and maybe some core or strength work too.

1 more day left, how sad…I could get used to the life of an althete, especially out here! I’m off to look for a cupboard to hide in so that I can stay..!


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