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#MissionMarathon in the Algarve: Day 7

on March 26, 2014

Day 7

Medium length run. Last day and I’m exhausted! We’ve lived like athletes and trained like athletes this week, and I’ve loved it. Heading over for an early run I’d been told to do 60-70 minutes. I set off at a good pace and was feeling pretty comfortable running at marathon pace for the first couple of miles. Then the heat and fatigue caught up with me as we got into the orange groves. That and a slight hip niggle that had just come on. My well paced running partner, James, advised me to stop for a bit and walk, which we did, whilst recounting stories of the trip and keeping our mind off the ever increasing heat and the miles to go! Picking the pace back up, we made it round the orange groves and back to the hotel at a good pace in the end. Well deserved final breakfast in the hotel!

6 Miles

Running drills. Tom went back over the running drills we’d learnt earlier in the week, focusing on foot strike, cadence, posture and stride. To my amazement, It came to me a lot easier than it had the first time. I’d definitely been putting a lot in to practice and my feet felt lighter and quicker during the drills.

Relays. Over at the Cross Country track we found an equally paced partner for some speedy relay work. The ‘lap’, we were assured, was around 400m. James and I paired up and he set off up the slight incline while I waited for him to return, with the words of our trainer, Tom, echoing in my ears “don’t hit it too hard, you don’t want an injury after all this hard work”….so when James returned, I did what I always do, went off fast! It actually worked out OK and I completed my lap at a decent fast interval pace….I have no idea how these marathon runners complete 26 miles at a pace faster than that, I did a few 400m sprints and was struggling to breathe!

1 mile


And that’s it. All our training sessions done. I’m proud to say that the whole #MissionMarathon team have made it through the week giving everything their all. We’ve all been challenged, we’ve learnt, progressed, laughed and ached. The people we have been around have been have been so inspiring, each and every one, and I’ve learnt from every single person here.

All of the coaches from Running With Us, the yoga and pilates instructors, the physio and medical experts, Mike Gratton & Bruce Tullah, have been incredible. Their knowledge, experience and skills are just out of this world and I am so privileged to have learnt from these amazing people.

This is an experience I’ll never forget and I’ll definitely be back for years to come.


2 responses to “#MissionMarathon in the Algarve: Day 7

  1. David Peddle says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I just wanted to let you know how you determination can inspire people.

    I have been trying to run faster and lose weight for a while now without a lot of luck, however since I have been following you I have gone from 12st 6 to 10st 9 and my longstanding PB at Frimley Lodge has gone from 24.27 to 23.10

    When I am running think ‘I bet Sarah could dig in and find something more’, which leads me to believe I can, and I remember you saying that you can always find something from somewhere for a strong finish, so this is in my mind near the end of a run / race.

    When I am dieting and trying to resist something tempting I think – I bet Sarah could go without it, therefore I do too. In fact whatever I find challenging I think to myself, Sarah would not give up just because it’s tough so nor do I.

    I am 46 and could always rely on myself to be moderately determined but you have helped me to the next level.

    So I just wanted to share the above (just with you) and say a quiet thanks, as you sure have had an impact on my life for someone I have never met. I would like to think that your spirit is in everyone but experience tells me that you are more of a one off!

    • Thank you so much David, I don’t know what to say. That is singularly the most amazing thing anyone has ever said about what I do. I’m so genuinely over the moon that what I do and say (most likely ramble about!) has such a positive outcome for not just myself, but for you too.

      It sounds like you’ve achieved a huge amount over the last few months (I see you up against those Ball brothers!) and that’s all your doing, you should be very proud. I’m so glad you think I’ve played a part in that.

      We will definitely meet soon. I’ll be back at ParkRun post London & will make a point of seeking you out!

      I hope we can be spreading the determination and positivity together. Here’s to some more PBs and challenges to smash!

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