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Mud, sweat & rave sticks!

on May 4, 2014

Since the marathon my feet have barely touched the ground! I picked up training again a few days after and I’ve had some amazing ‘fun’ runs which I’ve been able to throw myself in to without the irrational maranoia that comes with 40-50 miles and week and the fear of not making it to the start line.


So an amazing day of double events was on the cards, and here’s how it went..

Brutal 10, Bagshot

I’ve done a couple of Brutal events before. Famed for the mud, hills and copious amounts of water, these off road events test your endurance, strength, glutes and personal hygiene! a fantastically organised 10k through the trails of Bagshot (this time), physically clawing my way up hills, practically swimming through “puddles” (OK, wading) and, oh yeah, some running in there too.


All the obstacles are natural and the course was fantastic. A great race, and to top it all off I got to finally meet @thewayiseeit who also ran an amazing race. Top morning all round, and a nice challenge for my shower afterwards!


So all cleaned up and with my brightest running gear on (including Run Mummy Run argyle compression socks) I set off for London with my cousin.


Electric Run, London

A 5k run come rave around Wembley stadium, at night, with thousands of light up, neon, fluorescent things! Beth and I picked up our glow pack and set to work on making ourselves as bright as possible!


Yet another amazing tweetup, I met @digdeepdolly and @ansternator and we headed to the start area for the pre race rave.


Great music and a fantastic atmosphere, the race went off in waves around the stadium. I say race, it definitely wasn’t the most serious 5k of my life, and we were not heading for PBs, what with all the photo opportunities and entertainment along the route, but it really didn’t matter. It was a fantastic fun time and a totally different experience. We had a bit of a run, bit of a dance and a huge load of fun, and that’s what it’s all about.


So now back on with some “serious” training, in order to get a few speedy PBs in the bag for the summer. But I’ll most definitely be chucking a few more fun runs in there!



One response to “Mud, sweat & rave sticks!

  1. Caryl Anne says:

    I absolutely love rave runs! My favorite part is dressing up for the event! It’s so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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