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Multipower Nature’s Power bars

on May 11, 2014

I attempt to be relatively good with my fuelling for runs and recovery post workout. I also try and eat quite healthily and eat natural and fresh ingredients where possible.

As runners, we know it can be hard to fuel on the go, and we’ve probably all played about with our pre race meal and snacks attempting to get it down to a fine art. I have my pre race breakfast sorted (oats, banana and honey) but, being the ravenous little sausage I am, I always end up eating it too early and getting hunger pangs on the way to the event.

So I’ve been trying these Multipower Nature’s Power bars. Made with natural ingredients and aimed at before and during activity (I can’t eat during, but beforehand I’m happy to trough like a horse!) the 40g bars come in the following flavours:

Honey & Seeds – 155 kcal, 26g carbohydrates, 3.8g protein

Cranberry & Strawberry – 145kcal, 28g carbohydrates, 3.0g protein

Salty Cocoa – 150kcal, 25.2g carbohydrates, 5.2g protein


First Impressions

I like the packaging and being able to see the bar through the clear window so you know what you’re getting. So many of these energy bars just have a picture on the front, which isn’t always representative of what’s inside, well labelled and says clearly what it is and what it does.


The Salty Cocoa bar is slightly firmer than the others, which I prefer, but they all have a nice soft, oaty texture with plenty of the flavour on show.


As a self confessed chocoholic I’ll always go for the chocolate flavour of something before anything else (slightly contradicting my earlier ‘healthy’ statement, but we all have our vices!) and this one didn’t disappoint. Salty Cocoa is actually the perfect name for this one and it’s delightful. The Cranberry & Strawberry is full of fruit and flavour, a very yummy combo with the oats. The Honey & Seed has slightly less flavour, in my opinion, but I actually found it easier to digest closer to the start of a race, when you don’t want any strong flavours making a reappearance.


I’ve had a few of these before long runs and events now and they go down really well. Great energy, no digestion issues and they’ve kept me fuelled up so far up to a very challenging 10k race. I’m yet to try anything longer post marathon!


  • Great ingredients with excellent nutritional content.
  • Yummy flavours packed full of fruit, nuts, seeds and most importantly, chocolate!
  • Good carb content for running fuel.
  • Easy to digest before a run.


  • Primary language on ingredients, nutritional info etc. is German, so found it a bit difficult to pick out the English, but the info is clearer on the website.
  • A honey one went a bit squidgy in my run bag on a hot day!

I’ll definitely be buying more of these. They’re working well for me and keep me going up the hugest of muddy hills!


Get yours here and check out the other fab Multipower products while you’re there.



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