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Deuter running backpack review

on May 13, 2014

I’ve never had a running bag before, just never had the need. I’ve got my little Camelbak but it only fits my 1.5l reservoir in it (with space to chuck a couple of gels in if needed) and that’s about it. I don’t run commute (sadly) and with marathon training I was used to practicing fuel and hydration using a gel belt and makeshift water stations (shops, friends, etc.) along the way to minimise weight.

But with all the nice weather, upping my trail running and the promise that I would gift myself something lovely for my run of PBs (any excuse) I bought a Deuter Speed Lite 10L rucksack for myself and took it out for a test run….then a few more!

So I packed up all my stuff on a rather changeable day, and headed for the trails.

I managed to cram in gels, energy bar, 1.5l reservoir, waterproof, water bottle, phone and keys with a huge amount of space to spare.


The bag was really easy to adjust and fit. I’ve never had one of these bags with all the chest straps but it was simple to work out, do up and adjust myself, while it was on my back. I had to stop a couple of miles into the run and adjust the height of the strap up my chest, which was really simple.



The Best Bits
• The accessibility of everything whilst it was still on my back. I put all the big stuff in the main body of the bag, jacket etc. as I’d need to take the bag off to put that kind of stuff on anyway. But my phone and keys were in the ‘valuables pocket’ which was super safe but I could still reach while it was on my back.
• Gel loops and side mesh water pockets are very easily accessible whilst running, which is perfect.
• Very comfy and hardly moved. It’s a ‘short back’ system, which is a tapered shape so there was no wiggling about while I was running, it was surprisingly sturdy.

The Bad Bits
• I honestly haven’t found any yet. No, honestly. I’ll report back if I find any.

There are loads more technical details on the Deuter website

I had a great trail run with the bag and I’ve had a few more since. I can’t wait to spend a summer packing up my gear and running (or walking) into the great unknown safe in the knowledge I don’t need to have a pocket full of change and a knowledge of the local supermarkets!



Anyone want to put money on when my first Ultra will be..?!!!

Let me know if you think there’s anything else that might be good for me out on the trails this summer.


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