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Goal specific training

on August 11, 2014

Whatever you’re training for right now, a race, a time, a PB, you know how important it is to have that goal in mind. Me, I’m very much a goal oriented person. I have my races planned out well into 2015 (with room for some additions!) and I pretty much know what I want to achieve along the way.

With that in mind I’ve had to think a lot smarter about my running. Well, actually, I’m being taught by some of the best, but it’s a tough lesson to learn.

I’m currently training for Berlin marathon, which is, as I type 6 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours and ever decreasing minutes and seconds away. With that in mind, my training sessions are focused purely on that goal. It makes it nice and simple for me, I know exactly what I have to achieve on a daily basis, but it does take away the flexibility of just being able to pop down the woods that are opposite my new house and explore, or belt it round parkrun on a Saturday morning.

Even my core and stretching routines are tailored to this one goal, meaning my weekly session throwing weights around with friends is on the back burner.

I don’t resent it as much as it sounds though, for various reasons;

  • I’m resting hard. I mean really hard. To the point of being a bit lazy really. But it’s my reward for completing my training and also my excuse to just have some ‘me’ time.
  • I’m getting better. Pace, recovery, flexibility, stamina, it’s all getting better. The stats and my body tell me so.
  • I’m going to achieve. I’m in the best possible place to achieve my goal, and having put in the training I’m confident of that.

Time on my feet is important, but it’s how I spend that time and how I recover from it, that’s most important.

And don’t even get me started on the nutrition…!

I’d be really interested to hear how you structure, or don’t structure, your running. Are you free as a bird, do you fit everything in with club sessions, are you on a specific training plan?

Best of luck to everyone aiming for that goal.


3 responses to “Goal specific training

  1. Great little article. I’m more ‘take it as it comes’ but I realise this is not productive going forwards.
    I’m fortunate that I have found a coach that I will be starting work with very shortly. That will be more goal orientated and structured. Bizarrely, I am really looking forward to it but nervous about how I will cope with rest…I always ignore my own rest days!!
    Great post and a must read blog!!

    • Thank you Jason, very kind words. Yes, I was always the same too. It gave me the freedom to go out when I wanted and do what I wanted, enter races on the day if I felt like it that morning etc. Once I decided I has a specific goal in mind I recruited a fab coach to get me there too, and haven’t looked back, so I’ve no doubt you’ll love it. And I used to ignore rest days….now they are like my best friend in a little fuzzy jacket with a gift of ice cream!!

  2. rocknrolly says:

    I have to follow plans that I take from various websites etc. or I would just go out and do 5k every day. Half way through these plans I start getting bored and deviate a little, but it mostly works out ok in the end 🙂

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