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Smart rehydration with nuun

on August 11, 2014

It has been noted in my office that I guzzle water like it’s going out of fashion, and that I take the most loo breaks to go with it! I think it’s important, as a runner, to be conscious of rehydration and what your body needs. This goes for any sort of athlete or really anyone that over exerts themselves physically.

Now, without painting a less than glam image of myself, I can be quite a sweaty runner, in fact my core strength routine often has me beading at times! And when you think about it, you’re losing a lot more than water when you exercise, and not just in this heat wave we’ve been having. As well as the water, your body needs the electrolyte replacement.


Welcome to the wonderful world of nuun. Over 10 years ago nuun invented the electrolyte tablet. Containing sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, the tablets, added to water (one tablet for 500ml of water) help to replace the things your body needs most during and after exercise.

The tablets come in a variety of flavours to suit most palettes, from cherry limeade to tropical. So far I’ve tried tri-berry, lemon+lime, and citrus fruit. I’m a big fan of them all and they’re disappearing from my cupboard in equal measure. I’m keen to give the grape and strawberry lemonade ones a go next.


They’ve done something which I think makes sense, in keeping the hydration and fuelling side separate. So their tablets are carb and sugar free. I prefer that as then I can regulate my carb intake through my gels alone….no-one wants to be doing Carol Vorderman type maths 12 miles into a long run working out your grams of carbs!

And the flavours, while being nice and tasty, aren’t overpowering, so you can drink them during your run without them repeating on you, if you catch my drift!

So rather than just supping on H2O, I’ve made nuun a part of my routine, taking it out on longer runs, and always having a full nuun bottle afterwards.

Oh, and by the way, the bottle’s a really decent too. For a fiver it’s really good quality and the spout is nice and comfy.

So give your body what it needs to recover after exercise and rehydrate properly. And if you’ve tried any of the other flavours, let me know which ones I should be trying next! Get your nuun here 🙂


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