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Review: Kalenji Running Gear

on August 12, 2014

A couple of months ago I had a bit of a Decathlon shopping spree…OK, it was more than a bit, and I did well to walk out without the road bike, sleeping bag, GPS and head torch!!

I was there for the obvious…yes, running gear *sky lights up, clouds part, rays of sunshine break through*!!

I’ve had a chance to get some good use out of it all now so wanted to let you know how I’ve been getting on.

Kalenji Kiprun Rain Protect Jacket £69.99


We all know the UK summer is a bit mixed, weather-wise, so I thought this would be a good investment.

The colour is bright, the fabric is light and the fit is fantastic, like a glove actually. I like that the back is a bit longer than the front so it covers my bum a bit! There’s a detachable hood (which I did detach to run with) and the side ventilation zips are great for when it’s raining but still warm…yes, you know how it does here. And it has a good few pockets, which has led me to leave my bum bag at home when I’m wearing it now.

I’ve worn it on a number of occasions now and it works well. I haven’t had to wear it in the dark yet, but it does have reflective sections.

In this country, I think a multifunctional running jacket is a must, and this is a good, versatile, quality one, for a decent price.

Kalenji Kiprun SD Womens Running Shoe – Neutral £49.99


The important bit. The trainers. I’m a big fan of trainers. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on getting gait tested and trying out different sorts of trail and road running shoes. These have been designed for short distance (5km-15km) road running, and as such are light, bright and breathable.

The sole is good and wouldn’t look out of place on a shoe double the price. The heel to toe drop is about 8-9mm I think, so pretty average, and the cushioning technology makes for a very comfortable run.

I have a very slight overpronation, so I used my orthotics in these shoes and they fit and work well with them. 

I’ve been having some great short distance road runs in these shoes and would certainly recommend them. For the price, they’re a steal.They’re on a par with something you’d pay £80+ for.

The only footnote I’d add is that I’d go and try them first if you have wider feel. Mine are, I’d say, average, and they were, towards the end of a linger distance, beginning to feel the outside of the shoe tightening on them.

Kalenji Run Intensive Socks £9.99


Now before trying these I would ONLY wear Nike Dri-Fit Anti Blister socks. I’m not awfully prone to blisters so much but they do stop the rubbing and the chaffing, so I’m more than willing to invest in a good pair of socks. And these are a good pair. They stay in place very well, they stop the feet getting too sweaty and they definitely protect from the rubbing. They seem pretty hard wearing too. I’ve worn and washed them a lot and there’s no thinning yet, which I do find is a downfall with the Nike socks.

Kalenji Kiprun T-Shirt £16.99


Now before I get down to the technicalities of this t-shirt, I need to tell you that this is the DADDY of all running t-shirts. It has a pocket and a hole for your ear phones. I haven’t found any other t-shirts with a pocket, normally it’s just the trousers so I loved this!

Along with the bright and stylish panelling of this t-shirt (the cut of the panels tapers the waist and draws the eye in so you look much slimmer – winner!) the various technical fabrics used on different parts of the t-shirt mean that you’re ventilated where needed (arm-pits and back). And the quick wicking body of the top is cooling and keeps you moisture free.

There are reflective strips as well, for safety. That along with the colour should keep you seen!

The only thing I’d say about this top is the sizing, it’s not very forgiving. In my opinion I’d go a size up. I’m a UK 10-12 which apparently makes me a S/M in the tee. I’m definitely more of an M, or even an M/L if you like your t-shirts a bit on the baggier side.

All in all a very successful trip to Decathlon, wouldn’t you say?!!

Take a look at their ranges on line here or pop into your nearest store.

Got any other kit tips for me?

 LRG x


3 responses to “Review: Kalenji Running Gear

  1. Glad you like your kit.
    I had my first Decathlon “spree” on Sunday so found it interesting to read your thoughts. I came away with an assortment of running, cycling and swimming kit. Frankly it’s a miracle I didn’t buy a canoe or something, I was having that much fun! From the kit I’ve worn so far, I think I’ll definitely be back 🙂

    • Glad you love it too! And I’m with you on the canoe! I’m heading back for some cycling gear and a helmet as I just got myself a bike, anything in particular you recommend?

      • I like to be a bit girly so I got a cycling skirt, also some 3/4 length padded cycling tights for the cooler days ahead. Worth checking out some of the peripherals – bags, tools, pumps etc as everything is such a good price. Have fun!

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