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on October 14, 2014

So, we’re well into head torch season now. Along with the darker mornings and evenings, we’ve now been met with the rain. And with the clocks going back soon you’ll be hard pushed to find more than a few hours in the day that are light! So, in the spirit of autumn, I’ve been trying out the Unilite HV-H4 head torch on my early morning and evening runs.

Industrial LED Headlight

The first thing that struck me about this head torch is how light it is. My first foray into the world of night running came in July at the Adidas Thunder Run. I bought a rechargeable head torch from ebay, it shipped from China. It did the job but it was so heavy, dug in to my head and the battery pack was cumbersome and bouncing around in my bum bag. Luckily the Unilite HV-H4 is nothing like this. The 3 x AA batteries (which are provided with the head torch) are in the pack on the back of your head, so it’s all in one and no wires getting caught around your arms, and this means it’s not heavy and balances it out well on your head.


It’s so easy to adjust in various places that it fitted snugly quickly. The padding means you can wear it directly on your head without the need to have anything in between. I’ve worn it straight on my head, with a buff and with a cap too (different weather conditions) and it works well with them all.


So, after checking the bright colour matched my jacket (tick!) I ventured out. The torch head is adjustable to 90 degrees (up/down), so I had a good play around with where I wanted it to shine while I was running, which was so easy to do. There are 3 brightness settings plus a flashing option. A simple touch of the button on top of the lamp changes the setting, so as the sun comes up or goes down I change it easily without breaking my run.

I’ve had loads of use out of it so far and haven’t had to change the batteries, and the lamp doesn’t seem to have faded at all.

All in all a fantastic, comfortable, light head torch which will keep me going all winter.

The customer service is great too. Contact Unilite with any questions and they’re so quick to get back to you.

Keep safe in the dark guys!


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