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Just say NO!

I’ve been stressing out. It happens to me every so often, normally when I get sick and everything catches up with me and I realise I’ve not looked after myself enough and I need to slow down, but how can I with all the things I’ve got going on? How could I possibly miss a run when there are marathons looming? How can I let down the club and the cross country team? How am I going to fit in 3 birthday parties in a week? That kind of thing. It only leads me to feeling worse and forces me to gather my thoughts (mentally slap myself silly for a while) and re-evaluate a bit.

FullSizeRender (2)

I went back and read an old blog post of mine “Not Enough Hours” reminding me to gain a bit of perspective. But it also made me look at how my life has changed since writing this (15 months ago) and what I’ve learnt about dealing with these moments in that time. After various marathon training cycles, becoming a coach at my running club, moving house,  and countless other races, runs, events and leagues, as well as life in general, I’ve learnt one big lesson to deal with my stress.

Just say no.


Not all of the time, obviously, but to the things that you can’t do, you don’t want to do, can’t accommodate, or are going to leave you resenting them.

Learning to be a bit selfish isn’t the easiest thing to do. As we grow up and there are more and more pressures on our life, we inevitably compromise on a lot of things, or ‘find time’ to squeeze things in, and some of that is just part and parcel of life. You can’t say no to visiting the family every time they ask! But on occasion it’s OK to say “no, I wont make it then” and maybe find a time that does suit you.


Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. Being a bit selfish isn’t a bad thing, it can make for a happier, nicer you. After all, the only person you’ve got to stick with you up until the very end is yourself, so try and make that a happy, stress free, well looked after version of you.

Phew! Feeling a lot calmer already!



#MixUpYourRun with Asics

I’ve been am extremely lucky girl and am one of a few runners who’ve been selected by The Running Bug & Asics to get involved in their #MixUpYourRun campaign.

“The key behind this philosophy is in order to get the best out of your training you have to mix up the types of run”

This is important in my training. As is often the case with me, I’m currently spring marathon training, so weekly I’ve got hills, speed (threshold), easy and long runs planned.  Picking up the pace, building the stamina and teaching those legs some cold, hard facts about fatigue, can only be done by mixing up your runs.

Today, the kit arrived. We all know that feeling when a new kit lands! And this was a big surprise as I didn’t actually know what they’d be sending me.



Now I’ve only had a chance to take a sneaky peak while I’ve been sat in the office (and in my car at lunch!) so here are my very first impressions of the gear:

Asics GEL-Glorify


I’m a sucker for bright kit, so that was an instant winner. I do like to get technical about my long run shoes too, as I’m going to be running marathons in them. I like the support that these seem to offer under the arches (silver bits). I don’t over pronate massively but I am used to that support and due value it. The gel part of the shoes looks good, not something I’ve had before. Seems to make it very squishy so we’ll see how that helps. Nothing I dislike about the shoe at first glance.

Asics 33-DFA


Again, a nice girly design. Very very light and such a low drop, 4mm. Not something I’m used to as I tend to have a bit more 6mm or so on the bottom of a shoe. Although it’s only 2mm I could see the “flatness” of it straight away. A bit daunting but something I’m excited to try and hopefully get on with. No support bars or such like, but makes for a very light shoe. Sleek and fast. Let’s see if I can do them justice! These scare me the most out of the 2, but only because of what they represent, I think!

Asics Stripe Knee Tights


Nice simple design and length. The fabric feels good quality. Quite thin but they do say that these inspire “an extra burst of speed” so I guess less in more! Nice zip pocket of decent size and drawstring waist, both essential for me, as I always take a key and really can’t be doing with anything falling down, especially when they’re so light and with the added weight of the keys. Motion Dry technology is their wicking fabric, so we’ll put that to the test. I’ll give them a try on later, but not sure if I’m brave enough to take them out in the snow tonight!

Asics Stripe Top


Good colour. Light, bright and with the Motion Dry wicking technology. It looks and feels like a good technical tee. I like that it’s pretty plain and matches the tights. I’ll give it a try on later and might wear it out under the next item if temperatures permit!

Asics Woven Jacket


Again, light and bright, built for speed. I love the pink colour. I’m big on safety so the reflective detail on the front and back is a must for me, along with the bright colour. Zips look good quality and it has 2 full zipped pockets.  The back has ventilation and the fabric feels good. It doesn’t feel water proof, but doesn’t claim to be. It would probably withstand a small shower. Let’s see!

Asics Cumulus Socks


Much like other technical socks, the fabric feels good. They seem a bit thicker though, think it’s the cushioned sole. I haven’t owned cushioned ones before.  I’m not a massive fan of white as they always end up dirty! But will give these a go on the roads tonight.

So, here I go, off to mix up my run!

Are you a fan of Asics gear? Do you #MixUpYourRun training?

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Updates to follow!