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Just say NO!

on February 12, 2015

I’ve been stressing out. It happens to me every so often, normally when I get sick and everything catches up with me and I realise I’ve not looked after myself enough and I need to slow down, but how can I with all the things I’ve got going on? How could I possibly miss a run when there are marathons looming? How can I let down the club and the cross country team? How am I going to fit in 3 birthday parties in a week? That kind of thing. It only leads me to feeling worse and forces me to gather my thoughts (mentally slap myself silly for a while) and re-evaluate a bit.

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I went back and read an old blog post of mine “Not Enough Hours” reminding me to gain a bit of perspective. But it also made me look at how my life has changed since writing this (15 months ago) and what I’ve learnt about dealing with these moments in that time. After various marathon training cycles, becoming a coach at my running club, moving house,  and countless other races, runs, events and leagues, as well as life in general, I’ve learnt one big lesson to deal with my stress.

Just say no.


Not all of the time, obviously, but to the things that you can’t do, you don’t want to do, can’t accommodate, or are going to leave you resenting them.

Learning to be a bit selfish isn’t the easiest thing to do. As we grow up and there are more and more pressures on our life, we inevitably compromise on a lot of things, or ‘find time’ to squeeze things in, and some of that is just part and parcel of life. You can’t say no to visiting the family every time they ask! But on occasion it’s OK to say “no, I wont make it then” and maybe find a time that does suit you.


Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. Being a bit selfish isn’t a bad thing, it can make for a happier, nicer you. After all, the only person you’ve got to stick with you up until the very end is yourself, so try and make that a happy, stress free, well looked after version of you.

Phew! Feeling a lot calmer already!


3 responses to “Just say NO!

  1. tessietickle says:

    I’m actually quite good at saying no but to the wrong people. I need to make more time for non-running friends and family. My friend’s hen do is the night before Brighton Marathon this year. I’m not saying no. I’m saying ‘I’ll be along for an hour or two before going to bed sober. No later than 10. With my compression socks on.’ #runningwanker

  2. Richard says:

    At least you found time to write your blog. Things are not so bad, just imagine what you would feel like if you were injured!

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