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Why ‘normal’ is inspiring

on March 16, 2015

If you follow a lot of the running, cycling, or tri fraternity on Twitter you’re likely to be following one of us folk who were lucky enough to be invited to the ashmei Ambassador Day this weekend. You’ll have seen the beautiful clothes, the fantastic HQ (an amazing barn in the gorgeous countryside), AirshopPhoenix the Airstream, our smiling faces on the run and ride and our top notch ashmei socks which have only had a 6 mile test run so far, but it was like they weren’t there, like an extension of my skin.

If you’ve not heard all about it there are some fab accounts, pictures and videos of the day from the fab people I met on the day, genuinely they were all lovely, just search for #ashmeiambassadors on Twitter.

ashmei 2 

I wanted to tell you about how I felt about it all and what I took away from the day. 

Firstly, if you ever feel intimidated by what some of the people you follow on social media do, or achieve, then don’t! I arrived on Saturday wondering what the heck I was doing with such a bunch of, what I would class as, professionals. I’d seen their achievements and read their blogs, I was obviously the token ‘normal’ person…whatever that means! Within seconds it was clear that we all felt the same. We were all in awe of each other. And for good reason. Whatever it was that we’d done, however big or small, it was inspirational to others. On top of that, they were all bloody lovely people and we could have been there all weekend chatting, comparing race diaries and listening to a lot of stories that involved people forgetting their swimwear!

ashmei 1

Secondly, that Merino sheep is a lucky little bugger! So we learnt all about the science behind the clothing. They had some work to do on me as I’m not the biggest fan of wool full stop, let alone running in it…visions of a marathon in a Christmas jumper, right?! Turns out this Merino chap has it sorted. The wool regulates temperature, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. All of this while keeping you dry but it doesn’t get wet or sweaty. And because it’s naturally antibacterial, you don’t stink. I can’t guarantee that for EVERY Merino sheep out there, but it works for the clothing. They mix the finest Merino wool with carbon to give it the properties that ensure outstanding performance in sport and looking downright snazzy down the pub! You, not the sheep. Although if you want to take your snazzy sheep to the pub then that’s your business.


Finally, inspiration is everywhere. From the location, the apparel, the people that work at ashmei & freestak, the athletes I met and, most of all for me, the current ashmei Ambassadors. The things that they’ve done and are doing absolutely astounded me. Marathons in the desert and the mountains, barefoot running, representing your country. But they’re ‘normal’ people too, just doing what they’re passionate about. That’s inspirational in itself. They have office jobs, families, and the determination to do achieve all these things……they’re like me, like us….lightbulb moment! 

And some of the things they’ve done ARE going on my race list! 

Very last but not least, one thing that Simon Freeman of freestak said during the presentation, is that we all have highs and lows when training. Some things go right, others don’t. It’s the same for us all. And we all nodded! In case we needed any more proof that we’re all ‘normal’! 

What Stuart Brooke, ashmei founder, and the team have created is a mindset. An inspirational vision that normal people do inspiring things, and their products allow them to do those things to the best of their ability. 

Off to find a snazzy sheep for the quiz down the Rose & Thistle tonight! 



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