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A Quick Coaching Update

on March 25, 2015

coachI’m regularly coaching the Tuesday night interval sessions at our running club now, and absolutely loving it.

After I’d got over the initial eeeeek! of telling people what to do, where to go, hoping what I was trying to explain was coming across (always check for understanding!) and ensuring no-one got run over or lost, I started really really enjoying it and now I can’t get enough!

Things I’ve learnt so far:

  • I can’t tell my clockwise from my anticlockwise when explaining things.
  • Rabbit warren housing estates are easy to lose people in.
  • I don’t like blowing a whistle – feels a bit school playground.
  • Blowing the whistle to signal the beginning and end of a sprint during a Fartlek is hard when you’re taking part in the session too and out of breath.
  • Explaining the next part of an interval session when you’re taking part in the session and out of breath is even harder.
  • I actually know some stuff about running. And other runners find this interesting and educational.


I’ve been really surprised and humbled by the feedback from the club. Apart from “Little Miss Hitler” (in jest, referring to a particularly difficult hill session) and a few comments about the lack of rest periods (“if you’ve enough breath to complain, you’ve enough to start the next interval” being my response!) everyone is always very grateful, thanks me and, even better, COMES BACK!

So far so good!


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