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on April 21, 2015


Not the kind where you shimmy under a stick, although that’s something to return to for holiday!

The time between the 2 marathons, Brighton and London, has been great. But I’m a creature of habit, and having no real plan has been a bit disconcerting for this creature. I didn’t know how I was going to feel after Brighton, in body and in mind, so decided to play it by ear.

My legs were surprisingly OK. Without wanting to irk other runners, I was bounding up AND down stairs! SORRY! Quads were a bit tight, so on the Tuesday I had a sports massage and a swim. Everything felt good. On Thursday I decided I trusted that everything felt well enough to replicate my final taper week before Brighton, so I did a gentle 10k with friends. My legs were still heavy, so lots of stretching followed and lots of rest Friday.

Saturday, as I had done 2 weeks before, I went for an easy parkrun. I was chatting with a club friend, who is also running London, for much of the first mile. Everything felt good and I was keeping it relatively easy. As he broke away I knew I had to keep it gentle, so left him to it. Our 2 lap course saw me soar through lap 1 in just over 11 minutes. It was the first time I’d looked at my watch (as I always do at parkrun – the 2 laps help me know if I’ve managed a negative split). If I kept up this pace I’d get a PB. On the weekend between 2 marathons. Weird. So I did keep it up, it felt comfortable, and I did get the PB. Not what I had planned. This Limbo thing is strange.

Same tapered final long run on the Sunday that I’d done previously, and lots more resting. Rest Monday, along with some stretching, and just an easy one coaching club tonight before an easy 20 minutes on Thursday and Saturday. Ooh, and a sport massage on Wednesday, same as 2 weeks ago!  I feel lazy, but at least I have a bit more of a plan now, so my head is happy.

I’m doing the carb depletion thing again too. I’m not looking for a PB at London, but anything that helps me to NOT hit the wall (and this seems to work for me) and I’m all for it. It’s tried and tested for me. Might all be in my head but, hey, whatever works!

I still don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. I’ve heard it takes a month to get a marathon out of your legs, so London was always going to be a bit of a “jolly” – however jolly 26.2 miles can be! But I’m getting good at listening to my body and following what it says, so fingers crossed it’s saying the right things!



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