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Race Review: Windle Valley Pairs Relay

on May 26, 2015

On returning from beautiful Crete, this was the best race I could have done to get me back into the swing of things.

The Pairs Relay is in its second year. The course is a  1km flat, off road loop, which starts and ends at the change-over pen. Each pair completes the 1km loop 10 times, 5 times each alternating. So runner A does 1 lap, high five’s runner B who does the next lap, high five’s runner A who does the next, back to runner B’s turn etc… hope you’re still with me.

Unlike the inaugural year, the weather was pants! The days either side of the event were glorious, but this day was wetter than wet wet wet. But still, over 100 smiling pairs turned up with cakes and competitive glints in their eyes, ready to take on the relay.

Young, old, club runners, fun runners, first timers and veterans all took to the start line and off we went. Scott and I were running as a team and it was his first “proper” running event. He was running the first leg, so waiting in the change-over pen I was surprised to see him flying round the final corner and across the field towards me quite so quickly after the first 1km.


The loop quickly become familiar, and muddier! The rain didn’t hold off much but we were already wet and muddy so it didn’t matter too much! Our lungs were burning by the end of each lap, and despite the fact that they had recovered once the other runner returned, our legs hadn’t!


Crossing the finish line, we’d completed the 10km in 45:17 and had a pretty even split of time between us. The laps got a bit slower each time (well don’t we always go off too fast in these things?!) but were not too bad in terms of pace.

image1 (2)

The top teams whizzed round!

Men’s Team – 34.04
Ladies’ Team – 40.53
Mixed Team – 39.04
Junior Boys’ Team – 37.29
Junior Girls’ Team – 39.55

It was a fantastic event, well organised, and I saw many friends from twitter, parkrun and local clubs there too.

I do love something fun and a bit different in an event, and this certainly ticked the boxes.

We indulged in a table full of home baked goodies afterwards and went home not needing any dinner…perfect!


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