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An update on me

on May 29, 2015

It’s very unlike me not to have another big event in the distance, and by that I mean a marathon! I always seem to have the next one lined up and a goal in mind.

Despite having several I’m toying with in the future, I’ve made the decision to shelve an autumn marathon this year. So I must have some grand plan, something bigger or faster or longer or better…

Well, not as such. I’m just loving what I’m doing at the moment.

Never one to be without a plan, the vague plan looks a bit like this:

  • CiRF (coaching course) this weekend – and big focus on coaching and leading
  • The Hurt trail race – June
  • Endure24 team – June
  • 3 x Yateley 10k races – June, July & August
  • Pacing Nottingham Women’s Running 10k
  • Adidas Thunder Run team – July
  • New parkrun PB – by August
  • Cycle commute – start it! Then once a week throughout the summer
  • Enter our first cycling event – cycling is something Scott and I have taken up together to it would be great to do our first event together this summer.
  • Book 2 x half marathons for the autumn – would like a decent PB attempt so will need to research these well. Also fancy trying a new location.
  • Have half marathon plan in place – June/July

OK so for someone without a plan, this seems like quite a plan, but somehow, life feels different without being somewhere in a 16 week marathon training cycle!

But I’m very excited about the no plan, kinda plan, vague plan thing.


I’m loving encouraging, motivating and watching others improve, and can’t wait for coaching to get bigger and better soon. The events I’ve got coming up are a mix of racing and fun, so it looks like a good summer is on the cards.


2 responses to “An update on me

  1. rularuns says:

    That is a good list, for someone with no plans!!! hehe I haven’t got anything booked at all for the rest of this year – 3 events for 2016 though! Loving just running because I want too!

  2. I’m doing the Great North Run this Autumn, have you thought about running it? Might not be the best for a PB though…

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