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Race Review: Yateley 10k – Race 1

on June 11, 2015

Organised by Sandhurst Joggers, this is a nice local series for me. 3 races, on the first Wednesday of June, July & August (normally, although for scheduling reasons July is the 2nd Wednesday this year) and it’s the same 10k road route each race. They’ve won best mid-week series from Runners World and it’s easy to see why.

I did 2 of the 3 races last year and loved them. Club runners come from far and wide as well as lots of local runners, charity runners and anyone up for a well organised, timed challenge.

The course is on road and is undulating in parts. You wouldn’t necessarily look at the profile and call it a PB course, but so many I know have PB’d there, so it just goes to show, you never know!

Yateley 10k Map

Just under 900 people took part in the first of this years series, on June 3rd. The conditions were great. It had been a really nice day but was starting to cool off and a bit of a breeze.

I arrived with my brother, Jack, for only his 2nd 10k race, having only started running a few months earlier. We were both going for a PB and chatting tactics.


Being a local race, once we had our numbers pinned on I saw loads of club mates, parkrun friends, twitter folk and other lovely runners that I knew, so before I knew it, it was 5 mins til the start gun and I’m trying to squeeze my way to 45-50min start area.

The horn went and off we all trotted. Chip timing and out onto the road pretty quickly so enough space to get a decent pace on. I was taking the same tact as in most recent events of not looking at my watch and running a 10k pace I thought I could sustain. The first 3km is a gradual uphill climb. I was running with a friend and my legs felt good. 1st mile beeped on my watch and I had to glace down. 6:57 for the first mile. WOAH reign it in girl, that wasn’t the plan, but it still felt comfortable so I kept on. Focus on form, arms, glutes, drive. It was working.

Mile 2 beeped just as I was starting to free fall down the first gradual hill. 7:08. Still feeling good. I let everything relax and carried on cruising downhill and ignoring the 1st water station. We began to work our way across the flatter section of the course with the evening sun right in our eyes….was I going to regret that water station dismissal?!

My friend had told me to push on. It was starting to hurt but 10k’s are supposed to, right? It’s always at this stage I think “you’re a marathon runner Sarah!”. BEEP! Mile 3 completed in 6:55. I struggle with these splits in an interval session, what’s going on?!

The next section of the course is just over a mile, but it seems to go on forever. I drive the road every day but never is it as long as in that race! A couple of ladies and I are back and forth, overlapping each other then dropping back. Mile 4, 7:01.

A club mate flies passed me. He did the Edinburgh half 3 days ago! “Well done Sarah!” he shouts. I’d love to respond. I’ll thank him afterwards!

Left turn and the start of the steady incline “home”. I start to get overtaken…this is where it all falls apart, I’m thinking. 7:30 for mile 5. Well I’ll still get a PB, even if I slow right down. The road is only going upwards and my legs are NOT happy.

Only a mile to go so I ignore the next water station too. Now my lungs are burning as well as my legs. The 9km marker is nowhere to be seen! Finally, the final climb before we head down and back into the school. I hear a spectator shout to her friend behind me “you’re the 23rd lady”….oooh that make’s me 22nd. Bit of a boost, and I can’t let her pass me now! Mile 6 beeps. I don’t look.

Now it’s my turn to overtake a few people! Not far to go and I’m picking them off. Turn into the school gate and overtake a few more. Towards the finish line and the announcer shouts “44 minutes 50 on the timing clock, you could still get in under 45 minutes if you can hear me”…I crossed the start line 10 seconds or so after the gun, so my chip time has a bit to spare, and BAM! The sprint finish is pulled out and I cross the line smacking stop on my watch. It reads 44:49! 3 minutes and 31 seconds quicker than my current PB! AND SUB 45!

I find friends that have finished and watch other friends come in. Most are delighted with their run and really happy for me! I’m always really cautious though….anyone else think that their Garmin could be conspiring against them….that it might have somehow altered time mid run without you noticing?!

Jack came flying over the line and also got a PB, by about 50 seconds I think.


The text message arrived quickly….



9/116 in my age category (FSEN)

25/332 women (the lady’s friend had clearly missed a couple of women on the way passed!)

197/873 finishers

And another target achieved. I don’t think I’m going to be able to top it in the next 2 races….we’ll see!

Well done to the event organisers on another fab race, to everyone who ran, all my friends who did so well, and a huge well done to Jack on his 2nd 10k and a nice PB.

I believe there are still spaces in the July & August events. If you fancy it you can enter here.


note: full paid entry, no affiliation to the race organisers or sponsors and nothing received for the event review.

5 responses to “Race Review: Yateley 10k – Race 1

  1. David says:

    Another great post, I think whoever told you to push on really helped you to a storming pb!

  2. KatieRuns says:

    Fantastic race – well done!!

  3. ewilko says:

    Well done,a brilliant time!

  4. Really good race report, I enjoyed reading it.. I started changing my Runkeeper updates so they came on every 2 minutes, which lets me keep my pace in check, when racing. Starting races too fast can be a killer later on. But hey, it seemed to work for you on the night… Brilliant time, I hope you do just as well (or better) in the next two races 🙂

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