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Musings of the new cycle commuter

on July 22, 2015

The various thoughts on my way to work, 4 weeks in to a twice weekly cycle commute.


  • I have never noticed how many drains there are along the side of the road. Or how much they dip in. That’s bad. I think I’ve done an extra mile already just avoiding drains.
  • This is much easier now I’ve pumped the tyres up again!
  • Weeeeeee!! Downhills are way much more fun on a bike. I’m never getting in my car again!
  • What’s that smell? Oh my God bin lorries on both sides of the road. On an incline. Holding breath, peddling faster, holding breath, peddling faster.
  • OK waving friendly cyclist. I like this. Waving back. WOAH, mind the drain. Less waving, more drain watching.
  • Why are you in such a hurry to get round me before the traffic island? The traffic island is like 5 foot long at most. If you miss your opportunity before the island I imagine we’ll both be passed it in milliseconds and then you can get round me with a lot less risk to me and your car….and the island!
  • It’s faster to run up this hill. Yep, I definitely run up here faster than this. I wonder if there’s any way of using my car solely for this hill. Where could I do a car/bike swap for this hill?
  • WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? DID SOMEONE GET SHOT? OK, just a car going over a drain. It’s fine. Heart rate will come down again soon.
  • Stay green, stay green, stay green. Damn. Red. At the front of the traffic light queue now and in the wrong gear.
  • Waving to cyclist. Oh, no waving back. Not even a cursory head nod. OK.
  • That’s at least 4 ‘S’s’ at the beginning of the word SLOW painted on the road that are upside down. Can it be that difficult to get the ‘S’ the right way round? It clearly looks wrong the other way up!
  • Legs have just stopped feeling the effects of negotiating those bin lorries.
  • Where are all the street sweepers at this time of year? How can this much crap accumulate at the side of the road?
  • What’s the etiquette when it comes to advising that cyclist coming in the opposite direction that he should be wearing a helmet?
  • I can’t believe how windy it is. Maybe I need to start listening to a shipping forecast. I wonder if there’s a cycling forecast. There must be a wind speed and direction app. Hmmmm.
  • I need a multi sport watch.

And that’s just on the way in!


(or should that be LCG?!)

4 responses to “Musings of the new cycle commuter

  1. TinaLouRuns says:

    Now that the Summer hols are here and days are less manic, I’ve started cycling all those little ‘pop to the shop’ commutes and boy have we had some similar musings!

  2. haha this is great Sarah, I cycle in every day, have done for years, and think all of this stuff daily 🙂
    PS. I dunno what the etiquette is for telling other cyclists they need to wear a helmet, as most people wear one in Brighton, but I can tell you that the etiquette for for those who run red lights is to let them know LOUDLY that the colour is red and not green 🙂

    • Thanks Tess! It’s amazing what cycling does for my brain activity!

      Wow, I’ve not yet seen anyone running a red light, though this morning some guy just pulled onto a roundabout, despite the fact it wasn’t clear to, but just took a wider circle as if that made it OK….I don’t think you can second guess the intentions of motorists so I’d rather stop and start again and know all my limbs are still on my body!

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