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Why I Love Race Pacing

In the weeks leading up to a race, you generally know what kind of time you want to finish in, so you work out your mile or km pacing and vow you’ll stick to that, pushing a bit at the end if you feel strong. But you know you always go off too fast, you’ll try and hold on but a few miles in you’ll realise it’s just not going to happen, you’ve used all you’ve got and the rest of the race is just about getting to the end in one piece!

Most of us have had similar stories, so you might now check if an event has race pacers and stick with them. Race pacers will generally run a consistent pace throughout the entire race, getting you to the finish line in just under your desired finish time.

I’d seen a few pacers at various races and thought it looked like fun. They were very happy and encouraging, so when I saw a race pacing agency was looking for volunteers, I signed up, giving my PB times and the finish times I’d be prepared to pace for, for every distance. A few weeks later I was contacted for my first event, pacing a half marathon. Since then I’ve done 2 further half marathons and a 10k, and I hope to do many more next year.

To train I just make sure I get a few runs in at the correct pace and distance. Like anything, if you practice it, it becomes easier.

On the day I make sure my Garmin is well charged and I’m at the event nice and early to meet people who want to run with me and answer any questions.

During the race I like to shout lots of encouragement, chat to people who want to chat, cheer at each distance marker and tell everyone to beat me in the last 100 metres!

I get loads of thank you’s afterwards and people asking how I run with the flag on my back. The flag is actually really light, you just have to be aware of low hanging trees!

If you’re interested in getting in to race pacing then get in touch and I can send you the details on how to sign up.


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When the lovely people from Upbeat contacted me about trying their protein drink I was keen. I’d seen other people talk about it on social media and I had seen it in my local supermarket, but I’d not tried it. Why? Because I’m a creature of habit! I have my pre and post run routine down to a fine art (years of perfecting!) and I just plod along doing the same thing every time.

But these magic vouchers gave me a free try, so I went to Tesco in my lunch break and bought up the flavours they had; Blueberry & Raspberry, Strawberry, and Chocolate & Orange.



I tried the blueberry & raspberry one that evening after a run, and it was flippin’ scrummy! It took all my willpower not to open another, but I promised myself it would be part of breakfast the next day.


And so me and my strawberry desk breakfast were very happy the following morning. The taste of fruit is very fresh, and it’s smooth and just the right thickness to go down well. Each little bottle is only 150 calories, so I had some porridge too! Well, I am an athlete after all! I saw that someone on Instagram had put theirs IN their porridge….genius idea! I’m banking that one for the future.


Now, I am a self confessed chocoholic, so I’d saved the chocolate & orange flavour one to try last (another strange habit I have, all the best things get saved ’til last) so I had it as my post run protein hit after a tough club session. It didn’t disappoint! Very tasty and just the right amount of orange within the chocolate. I have to say it is definitely my favourite.

10/10 for flavour and consistency. My only criticism would be that I could happily drink a bottle 5 times the size, but then it;’s probably a good thing that they don’t make one that big!


In terms of nutritionals, per 250g (ready to drink) this is how Upbeat performs against my normal post run protein shake.


I use protein after most runs or workouts, so I would definitely get a stash of Upbeat in and make it part of my daily routine. It’s easier to take to work too, in the little bottles. Something tells me there’ll be more of the chocolate & orange ones filling up the fridge than any other flavour!

You can find more info on the drinks here.

Do you include protein drinks in your pre or post workout regime?

Have you tried Upbeat? And if so, which flavour is your favourite? (if you don’t say chocolate & orange, you are probably wrong!)


Please note that the drinks and goodies from Upbeat were provided free of charge, but the opinions are all my own. I have not been paid for this blog post and have no other links to the brand.
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