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What have I missed?!

So, it looks like it has been a long, long time since I blogged, and for that I’m sorry…but I have been working hard over here RunningWithUs¬†and with some posts over here too The Running Bug, so it’s not been all play and no work, I promise. But I have been neglecting my own blog, so time to rectify that.

In the last few months I have been busy! I was injured, engaged, recovered, coaching, moving house and wedding planning (ongoing!) as well as¬†running and getting the new house ship shape….oh, and searching for the cat who ran away from the new house….he’s home now!


So, right now, I’m recovered from a piriformis injury and building the miles back up in preparation for spring marathon. I’m at B&Q way too often. I’m Googling wedding venues. I’m writing new coaching sessions. And I’m very excited about Christmas.

Regrettably, my bike hasn’t left the garage since the move, due to the terrible weather. But I need to get over that and get back out on the road.

So what have I missed with you?!



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