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5am Club

on October 5, 2017

So, shock horror, life changes when you have a baby! Don’t worry, I was aware of this before we had one, it didn’t just dawn on us when we brought her home. But what I mean is, it’s things like, they literally have to go everywhere with you….and the logistics of this is not always easy.

I’ll skip straight to the running. Scott and I ran the 2017 London Marathon together. This involved a very rigid schedule and some very willing babysitters. Luckily I was still on maternity leave from work, but that doesn’t mean you can just run any time, oh no…

We had been given a second hand running buggy but it wasn’t really for us. We wanted to train specifically for the marathon and, as we weren’t planning on pushing the buggy for 26.2 round London, we came up with schedule of individual evening runs and a Sunday long run together. Planning that was hard enough, we didn’t want to have to base our routes around buggy friendly terrain, drop kerbs and wide paths…so we let the grandparents have some bonding time with Sophie, and it meant that we got to spend some time alone together too, even though the most we said to each other was “gel?”!!

Marathon day was great and went perfectly to plan. We found each other after starting off in different start areas, and we ran the final 25.2 miles together, crossing the line with a big kiss!

And then the running stopped. And then I went back to work. And then the football season started, and the new series of The Great British Bake Off began, and the new routine of in from work, bath and bed for baby, dinner for us, TV on, bed, repeat, became the norm. And that was fine, we needed some down time, we’d earnt it.

But with my new trainers screaming from their box, and a 10k race our Post-Marathon “oh it’s only a 6 mile run” Selves signed up for on the horizon, we’ve decided to get running again….and the logistical challenges begin once more.

I’m one of those really annoying morning people. I’m useless beyond 9pm, but I could happily bound out of bed at 5am and go for a run….so that’s what I’ve been doing! And it works! Well, for a 3 or 4 miles anyway, I can’t seem to get much further on no fuel, but that’ll do nicely for now…you’ve got to re-start somewhere, right?

It has reignited my love for running and made me feel better about my evenings in front of Bake Off, so it’s win win.

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